5 Top Technologies for 2018


by kadams

Though the flying cars and self-drying clothes that Back To The Future teased movie-goers with during the 1980s is not yet available to the mass consumer market, the technology that is being worked on in modern day 2018 is truly mindboggling. A variety of technologies from 3-D printing, artificial intelligence, and even robots have allowed for some serious developments in technology that have impacted the daily life of the majority of the population.

Some of the most important advancements that have occurred have significantly improved the quality of life for people in ways that would not have been possible even 5-10 years ago. The following is a list of 5 significant technologies that have advanced from this technical innovation in a broad range of fields to vastly improve life for a variety of people in everyday life.

3-D Printing

The world of 3-D printing has led to exciting advancements in a variety of fields. Originally limited to polymer materials, 3-D printing has now advanced to include metals being printed easily and without significant cost. The mass production of medical devices by these printers allows for affordable artificial limbs, different types of implants, skin and bones, instruments used in surgery as well as for multiple dental restorations. Did you know that you can 3-D print a house?  Food is even on the menu for these printers which could lead to the overcoming of severe hunger issues throughout the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has advanced at a much faster rate than what was originally estimated. AI tools have been used to accelerate construction, solve scientific equations, and are beginning to learn how to spot medical diseases in patients earlier than humans can. The most exciting development has been AI training itself without human data. This will lead to a massive leap in overall AI development that will see the solutions to problems coming from Artificial Intelligence at an amazing speed.

Artificial Embryos

The creation of artificial embryos is a very recent technological advancement. While it poses significant ethical concerns, the medical advancements that can be made from the use of artificial embryos is worth discovering. This not only redefines the creation of life, but can lead to cell research and gene editing which can potentially offer a vast array of medical advancements to people with a broad range of illnesses or other medical concerns.

Zero-Carbon Natural Gas

The use of natural gas is a growing industry in America. The creation of zero-carbon natural gas opens up new possibilities for the development of clean energy. This will lead to affordable options for energy consumption while also allowing for the avoidance of greenhouse emissions.


Besides just being fun to watch and experiment with, the advanced technology with the use of robots has also had a profound impact on the scientific world. Robots have been used to help people with medical limitations overcome daily hurdles, including helping children with autism to understand emotions. Robots can travel under water or in the middle of unsafe situations to inspect scenarios that would otherwise be unreachable. They are also being used to assist medical professionals in surgeries. A recent robotic invention by a 12 year old girl has been designed to clean up the ocean. The use of robots really knows no bounds.

Technological Expectations

2018 is an exciting time for the advancements taking place in technology. Technology is leading the way to resolve some serious medical and technical issues. From artificial intelligence advancing to the point of problem solving without human data input to potentially using 3-D printing and robots to perform surgery, the possibilities are endless for what can be achieved. Flying cars and clothes that launder themselves may be closer than we even realize.